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What we do

Manufacturer of ELWA transportable water level mirrors

Leading supplier on the market and manufacturer of ELWA transportable water level mirrors. 
We deliver to wholesalers and end users in the EU, EEA and other countries all over the world.

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Selection of our Danish customers

 Our products

Get accurate measurements every time.

Imagine a measurement tool that always ensures accurate results for documentation? – Measurements are easily and accurately read on the measuring tape.

ELWA water level mirrors are specially manufactured for the purpose. They are built with 2-conductor steel-reinforced cable. The cable is wrapped in Polyethylene for light, flexible and flexible function. You will be impressed by how easily and accurately the depth is read directly on the measuring cable. Readings are given in meters, centimeters and millimeters. 

  • OLMX 30-100

  • Bag for 30-100m compasses

  • WLMX 400-500

  • Adapter for water collectors

  • Water fetcher

  • WLMX 30-100SW

  • WLMX 250-300

  • WLMX 150-200

  • PLS 15-20

  • WLMX 30-100


    Are you looking for a manufacturer with the experience, expertise and passion to create the best water level mirrors? Then you have come to the right place.

    We have more than 45 years of experience in the industry and we know what is required to create products of absolute top quality. We never compromise on our standards and always make sure to have the best, most innovative technologies and materials available. 


    Technology in the modern world is constantly developing, so it is important to keep up with the ongoing development. ELWATEK's water level mirrors are always top of the line with the latest technology.

    Are you looking for a manufacturer who understands and respects the importance of the latest technology? Then you have come to the right place. We are proud to be part of this exciting technological development. We always deliver the best products to our customers.


    ELWA water level mirrors are designed to transport. They are very light and you can take them with you wherever you need to make water level and total depth measurements.

    Regardless of where you have to take your measurement, it is easy to bring your ELWA water level mirror with you. Functionality and robustness ensure that all devices can stand up to the most challenging environments, while still maintaining the precision and reliability they are known for. 


    ELWA water level mirrors are not only popular in Denmark, but all over the world. These fantastic tools are used by a wide range of industries and professionals.

    Regardless of whether it is the location of the water level that needs to be measured in boreholes, wells, containers etc. Or it is to determine total depth, ELWA water level gauges are the preferred choice for professionals everywhere.

Other services


In addition to ELWA water level mirrors, we also offer water polishing of several types of items and materials.

Water polishing can be used for industrial and restoration tasks, and is therefore suitable for all types of customers.


Water polishing is a process where you can polish all kinds of metal and plastic parts. It takes place under high pressure and consists of water added to a special medium which gently polishes the surface.

This process of water and media does not use chemistry or any other type of solvent. This means that water polishing is extra gentle on your parts.


Water polishing is a perfect solution if you e.g. need to restore an older car, motorcycle or something completely different. New parts may no longer be produced, or may be too expensive or difficult to obtain.

Of all the restoration methods available, water polishing is clearly the safest solution. This is precisely because it is both gentle and at the same time incredibly effective.

Our success

Where we started

The company, under the name Elwa-Teknik, was founded in 1976 by the brothers Kurt and Jørn Højfeldt. It was in the heart of Herning, and since then, the company has experienced explosive growth. Today, ELWATEK has hundreds of customers across more than 20 different countries. The sales amount to a total of 81% to EU countries and the remaining 19% to countries outside the EU's borders. We in the company are very proud of these figures and this performance.






Within the EU

PVA – ANNO 1980

PLS – ANNO 2000

WLM – ANNO 2010

WLMX – ANNO 2020