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Back in 1976, two brothers had a vision to create a water level mirror. A device that could measure the location of the water table in relation to the terrain. In other words, a device that could find the depth to groundwater in all imaginable depths and environments. The brothers Kurt and Jørn Højfeldt therefore founded Elwa-teknik I/S. The aim was to develop a device that was transportable, functional, economical, reliable and easy to use.

It quickly turned out that the brothers' technology was a hit on the world market. Their products were recognized for their accuracy and reliability. It was not long before the devices were exported to southern destinations such as the Sahara and South Africa. In these regions, Elwa-teknik's devices should be able to measure at depths down to 1000 meters!

The story of Elwa-teknik I/S is the story of how two brothers with a vision and a great deal of courage and will created a technological innovation. This innovation came to set a completely new standard for water level reflection.


After 23 years, Jørn Højfeldt stepped down from the company, and Elwa-teknik I/S now underwent a transformation. The company became a sole proprietorship with Kurt as the front man. The company was no longer a company, but Kurt kept the name, Elwa-teknik. A few years later, Kurt chose to move the company to new facilities in Herning.

The transformation of Elwa technology marked a new chapter in the company's history. Kurt continued to drive the company towards a larger world market. Passion and ambitions, should continue to take technology to new heights.

It was a time of great change for Elwa engineering. The company proved to be both mature and resilient to take on all the challenges.


January 2020 was the time for a generational change in Elwa technology. Kurt hereby handed over the company to his son Steffen. The company continues as a sole proprietorship, but now under the name Elwatek. With new visions and ideas, Steffen continues the operation. With thoughts on how innovation must continue to be implemented, this helps to future-proof the company on the market.

With new management, the company simultaneously moved to new facilities in Sønder Felding, south of Herning. There is plenty of room here to develop and produce new products. Steffen builds on the legacy that his father and uncle started back in 1976. The company is already well on its way into a new and exciting era, with development and more technological advances.






Within the EU

Used by:

  • Well drillers

  • Contractors

  • Geologists

  • Geotechnicians

  • Pump fitters

  • Pump manufacturers

  • Engineering Consultants

  • Smith

  • State, county & municipalities

  • Water works

  • Plumbers

Used for:

  • Groundwater lowering

  • Control of the groundwater table

  • Control of water level in ballast tanks etc.

  • Test pumping

  • Water supply boreholes