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Effective water polishing of all metals and plastics

  • Get a renewed surface with water polishing! This amazing process gives your plastic and metal parts a matte satin finish. It is the most gentle and environmentally friendly method to clean and renew your parts.

    Our advanced water polishing technique takes place under high water pressure. This special technique removes corrosion, dirt and other deposits from the surface. The item is left completely clean and ready for further treatment with paint etc. In short, you get a surface that looks like new. The best part is that we do not use harsh chemicals or dangerous solvents for the export. Your parts remain completely intact and at the same time environmentally friendly.

Water polishing for restoration of cars and motorbikes.

  • Water polishing is the perfect solution if you e.g. need to restore an older car, motorcycle or something completely different. Maybe new parts are no longer produced? or perhaps they are too expensive or difficult to obtain?

    The result of water polishing at Elwatek is unique. Your engine parts will be so clean that they appear as if they were brand new. Most often, after a treatment, they are actually much nicer than when they left the factory. Water polishing also removes the microscopic burrs the mold has left on the parts.

    Perhaps you are now worried about whether water polishing can damage vital engine parts? You can take it easy, because water polishing neither damages nor wears out your parts. Critical locations such as bearing and shaft fits remain unchanged during the process.

    So if you have a vintage car, motorcycle or just want to give your parts a gentle, effective cleaning and nicer surface, then water polishing is the perfect solution for you and your vehicle.

How does water polishing work?

  • Water polishing takes place in a cabin/machine which processes the individual parts under high water pressure. A special medium has been added to the water which gently polishes the surface.

    This process is not aggressive towards your parts in the same way that other cleaning methods can be.

    Therefore, the risk of your components being scratched or damaged is minimal. The risk is virtually non-existent if you choose water polishing.

    After water polishing at Elwatek, we also ensure that there are no remnants of blowing material left anywhere in the parts. The surface will appear sealed, dirt-repellent and easier to keep clean in the future. No wear or tear on your parts and all tolerances in fits, threads, etc. will be unaffected by the treatment.

Which materials can be water polished?

  • Water polishing is an effective solution that can be used on many different materials.

    Below you can see which materials we, among other things, can carry out the treatment on.

    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Stainless steel
    • Bronze
    • Titanium
    • Magnesium
    • Copper
    • Plastic


Price and time consumption per subject, depends on the condition and complexity of the surface. Therefore, the price is calculated based on the type and condition of your items. Et cylinder head, with many cooling fins, is naturally more time-consuming than an engine cover pa. the larger surface. 

We can typically calculate a price for you, based on images and volume, so don't hesitate with your enquiry. We are happy to make a non-binding offer and the work is always carried out as agreed and at the agreed price.

  • Typical time spent on an engine cover for MC15 minutes
  • Typical time consumption on complete separate in-line engine for MC24hours.

Do you have a large pershit, with lots of bits? Then, as I said, we make a good offer. DYou therefore always know the price before the task is started.

Water polishing can be used on many materials. Finally, do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email if you are in doubt as to whether your particular parts can be treated with water polishing.